Will Your Idea Find You?

 Will Your Idea Find You? risk taking creativity  Elizabeth Gilbert Big Magic

“I could have done that,” I’ve heard many people say, myself included. Indeed we could but we don’t. Elizabeth Gilbert in her wonderful new book Big Magic suggests that ideas swirl around looking for someone to take notice and bring them to life. The problem is we aren’t paying attention. As she says

The idea will try to wave you down (perhaps for a few moments; perhaps for a few months; perhaps for a few years), but when it finally realizes that you’re oblivious to its message, it will move on to someone else. But sometimes – rarely, but magnificently – there comes a day when you’re open and relaxed enough to actually receive something. Your defenses might slacken and your anxieties might ease, and then magic can slip through.

Will your idea find you or will you be too distracted or anxious to notice?