Are you playing it safe?

When was the last time you were truly uncomfortable in your leading, learning, living? If it has been a while, perhaps it’s time to push yourself a bit more. Incremental learning happens all the time as we interact with others on a daily basis, but if we want to create something new and different in our lives and organizations, it requires some discomfort. And if you find yourself paralyzed by fear, remember that often happens when we stretch ourselves. Take a deep breath, remember it’s part of the process, return to some safer ground, and keep living through the discomfort.

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Do your rules keep you safe … or ???

Today during our creativity workshop with a great group of folks from Victoria, we had a fascinating conversation about risk taking and playing by the rules. And so I am left pondering the question … do our rules keep us safe or trapped or both? When it comes to infusing a bit of creativity into our lives or organizations I think we really need to surface and challenge our rules and the roles they play.

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Heads exploding at yoUnlimited

I spent an amazing day with a group of remarkable women on Saturday. Thanks to Carolyne Taylor of yoUnlimited for hosting the event and thanks to Denise Lloyd of Engaged HR, Sherrice Kirby of greatlife designs, Carmen Spagnola, and JUHLi SELBi for literally blowing my mind during your sessions. Congratulations to Nancy Murphy for winning my coaching package as part of the blind auction for Bridges for Women and thanks to many others for your enlightening and supportive conversations! We rock ๐Ÿ™‚

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One tip to lighten your day

Is this you? It’s certainly been me at times and I have gone through phases of watching too much doom and gloom on TV (and this includes the daily news – sorry all you news junkies who think you can’t live without it – you can). It’s amazing what cutting back on this sort of stuff will do for your energy, optimism and creativity.

Of course, this doesn’t include those compelling evening soaps, too numerous to name at this point ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Making it safe to fail

The Etch A Sketch designer, Andre Cassagnes, died at the age of 86 this past month which got me thinking about creativity. A few things to note:

  • People often create outside their discipline. Cassagnes was an electrical technician who was working with metal powders and noticed the potential for a toy.
  • Etch a sketch itself, much like the ipad today, creates conditions to make it safe to fail. All you need to do is shake or erase and you can start over.
  • It’s too bad we find it so difficult to collaborate with others outside our discipline and shake and start over in organizations!

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