The 4 Keys to Your Creativity

  The 4 Keys to Your Creativity risk taking learning emotional intelligence creativity  Tom Kelley David Kelley Creative Confidence  
My creativity has developed as I’ve unlearned various lifetime “shoulds” impressed upon me by well meaning people. The Kelleys in their brilliant work on creative confidence talk about the need to overcome 4 fears – being judged, losing control, the messy unknown and taking the first step. I have turned these into positive mantras that I try to practice when I’m doing my work. The most powerful one for me has been to ignore everyone. I was taught to base my decisions and actions on what other people might think – unlearning that has taken most of my life (and is still a work in progress).

For those of you intrigued by these ideas, check out the course Dave and I are teaching online this fall through Royal Roads University. We are thrilled to be able to explore this topic with others!