Ignoring the Cheap Seats

 Ignoring the Cheap Seats risk taking happiness emotional intelligence coaching

I attended an awesome workshop based on the work of Brene Brown facilitated by my good friend and colleague, Laurie Hillis, as part of International Coaching Week this past May. I love Brene’s work and was particularly struck by the ideas around the “arena,” basically a metaphor for putting oneself out there and taking risks.

What’s powerful about this metaphor is Brene’s notion that unless someone has also put themselves into the arena are they deserving of our attention. I find this SO helpful, as I have tended to listen to all voices equally. This is especially true in the overdone and somewhat unhelpful practise of anonymous feedback forms at the end of a course or training program. I have been demoralized by hurtful feedback which has resulted in me losing confidence and enthusiasm for my work.

In most instances these are voices from the cheap seats, those whom have never put themselves out there in the way I have in my teaching and facilitation. And so it’s now a goal of mine to ignore these critics in the cheap seats and pay attention to those who are deserving of my time and energy.

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  •  Ignoring the Cheap Seats risk taking happiness emotional intelligence coaching

One thought on “Ignoring the Cheap Seats

  1. Thanks Tammy for your kind words and for your great connection to Brene’s work and your experiences – I’m pretty sure that all of us in the business of adult learning can relate to your comments about hurtful feedback… those “twitter thugs”.. many thanks for all your courage and bravery!

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